Massage Therapy

Massage treatments at Wellspring Therapies utilise a combination of remedial and relaxation massage techniques, depending on your individual requirements.

Remedial massage can be helpful in a wide range of conditions that involve muscular pain and dysfunction..It can relieve pain resulting from overuse due to different types of activity or inactivity. It can also be an effective treatment for postural issues and biomechanical problems relating to imbalances in the structure of the body.  Remedial massage is useful for enhancing athletic performance, and can be safely applied during most stages of pregnancy.

Relaxation massage soothes the everyday stresses of modern life. This is the sort of massage that you go for when you want to relieve that general feeling of unease that comes from living with too much stress. The main aim of Relaxation Massage is to shift the body from the flight and fight mode into a more restful, rejuvenating state. This is achieved through flowing massage using a level of pressure that is comfortable for you - not too deep but not too light either!

Most Australian health funds offer rebates for remedial massage, so don't forget to bring your health fund card if you wish to claim a rebate for your treatment.

Functional Yoga

Functional yoga is an integration of functional fitness and yoga to create a form of mindful exercise that helps you to achieve a balance of strength and flexibility in your body and the mind.  By practising the physical postures of functional yoga regularly you will learn how to sit, stand and move more efficiently, and to be more comfortable in your mind andbody.

Functional yoga uses a deliberate blend of Vinyasa flow, Iyengar precision, and Pilates-style conditioning exercises, with a strong focus on correct breathing and postural alignment. As well as working on a physical level, functional yoga also helps you to cultivate a centred, relaxed state of mind in which you are fully present to what you are experiencing.

Functional yoga classes at Wellspring Therapies are suitable for people of all levels of fitness and flexibility. All equipment is provided, so all you need is comfortable clothing and a towel to dry off with. It is recommended to do yoga on an empty stomach.

Payment for casual classes is by cash only, or you can purchase a multiple-class pass using eftpos. There is no time limit on class passes, but they are non-refundable.

The yoga room at Wellspring Therapies can accommodate six students comfortably, so it is important that you book before coming to class.

To book your massage treatment or yoga class, go to the booking page , or call 07 4031 8207.


Andrew Haigh 

Cert YT, Dip RM, BPSYCS, RYT200, Registered Health Fund Provider

I qualified as a massage therapist in 2001, and since then I have worked in a variety of health and wellness settings, including a large resort-based day spa, a busy physiotherapy clinic, and a hospital-based massage practice.

In my massage practice I specialise in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain conditions as well as supporting athletic training programs and assisting with stress management.

I have been practising yoga and meditation for most of my life, both as a means of maintaining my physical and mental wellbeing, and as a way of indulging my personal curiosity about the human mind and its relationship with the body.

Since I qualified as a yoga teacher in 2014 I have taught yoga in a wide range of settings, from group fitness classes in a gym to chair yoga classes in a senior citizens centre. I have a passion for making the benefits of yoga accessible to people of all fitness and flexibility levels.

I hold a diploma of remedial massage and a 200-hour yoga teacher certification. I am registered with Massage and Myotherapy Australia and the International Yoga Alliance. I am currently studying towards an honours degree in psychology at the University of New England.